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Health Island founder and Director, Philip Rubin: 


Founded out of a passion for health and nutrition, Health Island was founded by Philip Rubin and launched in July 2010. The company is based in Cape Town, South Africa but is now growing fast in Johannesburg as well. Current sites include Standard Bank, Allan Gray, KPMG, Shell SA, Jupiter Drawing Room, UCT, Homechoice, Kenilworth Clinic, Vega School of Branding, Primedia, Accenture, First Rand Bank, Constantiaberg Mediclinic, Cannons Creek School and many more.

OUR MISSION is to bring a great range of afforfable, nutrition-packed, flavourful snacks to your fingertips - where you need it most - at work or play, and to educate people about nutrition. Nutrition is just one part of it. The bottom line? "be fit, eat right, think well". 

We all need food on the go and at our fingertips. We don’t need food that is highly processed, high in sugar content, full of trans-fats and unsaturated oils. This kind of food does not sustain us and it does not provide the nutrition our body needs. Worst of all, it fills us temporarily and therefore delays us seeking and imbibing the nutrition our bodies were craving in the first place!  Junk food fills us in the short term, it spikes our blood sugar, leads to subsequent fatigue and possible mood fluctuations. And then… we get hungry soon after. Why? Because we still did not get the nutrition we were seeking when we ate the wrong stuff.

Vending machines all over the world have lagged far behind when it comes to providing nutrition. In the long term we will pay for these food choices in medical bills!

The rawer the food, the healthier it is. Once food is heated over 47 deg Celcius, then 80% of the nutrition is immediately lost. You get hungry because your body is seeking nutrition. When you eat fast food, highly processed or cooked food, you are not getting the nutrition you need, so you continue eating, and so the cycle continues.
A good selection of the food in our islands of health… is RAW! It is widely believed that a person can prevent disease through maintaining an alkaline state in the body. Alkaline foods are all raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts and some seeds and nuts.

Our vending machines are bright, colourful, and packed with goodness. They add aesthetic value to any environment. For more info:  info@healthisland.co.za   (021) 286-7838


Health Island at Schools


Health Island is committed to increasing nutrition awareness in schools while also encouraging students to make healthy choices. Healthy snacking is vital to children and adolescents' energy and nutritional needs in order to meet daily demands in school and at home.

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Health and Nutritional updates


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