Dr Alexander Schauss

To demonstrate the effect that refined, `junk foods' have on our moods and on our behavior, Dr Alexander Schauss encouraged the staff and the pupils at a number of schools in the United States to carry out an experiment that involved feeding three different diets to three different groups of rats. In every school and in every case the results were the same. These results are tabulated in Figure 1.

It is interesting to note that in all of the schools where this experiment was conducted, the pupils urged that the experiment be terminated because they could no longer stand to witness the effect that the poorest diet had upon the third group of rats. 


Diet fed to each
group of rats

Observations after
37 days on this diet

Group 1

No artificial preservatives, colourings, additives, or refined carbohydrates. Primary nutrients were derived from whole grains, seeds, nuts, fresh fruit, vegetables, raw milk and water.

Ate all their food, seemed happy and calm, eyes bright, had smooth coats and tails, showed growth and when held, remained calm.

Group 2

Fast food hamburgers on white bread, French fries, old coleslaw, milk shakes, cola drinks, cherry pie, and water.

Grew fat, lazy and were not alert. Their coats were ragged and tails scaly, with dull eyes and rough and dry skin. When held, they were jumpy. These were smaller in size than those in Group One.

Group 3

Fed a diet of sugared cereal, white bread products, jelly, Twinkies, soft drinks, milk shakes, canned fruit and water.

They were nervous, skinny, had frenzied actions, discolorations on tails, chewed up their water bottle. Could not be held due to biting behavior. Their eyes were squinted. They were the smallest in size of the three groups

Figure 1: International Journal For Biosocial Research,
Vol. 2,, No. 1-9.

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