Suitable Locations

Anywhere that there are at least 250 people a day passing through or residing:

  • Schools (Primary, Middle, High)
  • Colleges, Universities
  • Trade Schools
  • Call Centres
  • Corporate Businesses
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Health Clubs
  • Government Departments / Institutions
  • Community Centers
  • High foot traffic retail locations
  • Large residential apartment complexes
  • Hotel / motel chains
  • Museums and libraries
  • Retirements homes


Health Island at Schools


Health Island is committed to increasing nutrition awareness in schools while also encouraging students to make healthy choices. Healthy snacking is vital to children and adolescents' energy and nutritional needs in order to meet daily demands in school and at home.

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Health and Nutritional updates


How to take your Fruit

Did you know that fruit should be eaten BEFORE a meal, not after?

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