How it works



We realise we cant be everywhere all the time. THis is a personalised business so we are offering the opportunity for people to establish their own vending business, under our brand, with our training, support and products. We are often approached by companies/hospitals/gyms asking us for a machine - we may have a suitable site in your area.

You may know of businesses/schools/facilities with great potential in your area or maybe even your place of work where you can run one or several franchised machines, retaining profits for yourself. Its actually fun! No shop rentals, no salaries. All you have to do is replenish stock once a week. Sites with good potential would probably have at least  250 people passing by daily -  ideal for hospitals, companies, hotels, mid to large size gyms, colleges, universities and schools. Even apartment blocks.

FIND OUT MORE: Ask for a Franchise Application Form and Franchise Disclosure Document.

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2.1   If the place you hang out at has at least about 200 people, it is probably busy enough to warrant having one of our amazing boxes of wonders. We will find a franchisee to manage the site, or we may establish it as a Health Island owned site. (Maybe you want to invest in and run the franchised business yourself? Maybe even with your.employer's support?). The site pays no costs, but if the machine is not adequately supported, we may want to discuss a monthly rental from the site in order so support he franchisee.  Some companies even elect to subsidise our products - staff pay half price for snacks, we invoice the company for the difference in price every month - one way to enourage healthier eating habits amongst staff.

2.2  No matter the size of your company, ask us about our RENTAL OPTION.