Our Products

Our product range addresses WELLNESS and NUTRITION - and is growing all the time. We just love sourcing and sampling new products (who wouldn’t!), and we spend considerable time doing the health checks on our products’ ingredients.

Our vending machines are all refrigerated and are configured to hold up to 32 great snacks and 8 healthy drinks.
Before installing a new vending machine we decide which products we think would suit a particular site. Feel free to suggest other great products you think we should include in our range.

Check out some of our Snack and Drink range...


Why You Need Our Healthy Snacks (& drinks)

We are working hard for you all the time, searching for new and better products, checking their sources, checking their contents and ensuring that they ARE actually good for you. With Health Island you don’t need to check what you are putting into your body – we have already done that for you

Fear not, nutrition need not mean booorringg! We also look for great taste!

We have a wide range of products and we are continuously updating them, removing some, adding others. Your vending machine operator has a selection to choose from, so feel free to ask for alternative products.


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Health Island at Schools


Health Island is committed to increasing nutrition awareness in schools while also encouraging students to make healthy choices. Healthy snacking is vital to children and adolescents' energy and nutritional needs in order to meet daily demands in school and at home.

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Health and Nutritional updates


How to take your Fruit

Did you know that fruit should be eaten BEFORE a meal, not after?

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