What our clients say

'The staff seem to be enjoying the new vending machine a lot... I have received quite a few comments about how much they like the contents': Brenda Krummeck, Verso Financial Services. June 2013


'At last!  Why has it taken someone so long to do this!' - At least 5 people a day comment this at the Health Island stand at the Business Opportunity & Franchise Expo at the Coca Cola Dome, 15th September 2011.


Carmen Schaefer, Vega: 'Ooooh, I’m in love! With the greatest vending machine ever... I will give it all my money..... '


Jupiter Drawing Room management say:  'Nourishment is a critical part of wellbeing and for some time we’d been looking for a healthy snack option which would fuel frenetic staff on the go but at the same time provide them with the right balance of energy and nutrition, rather than a fatty, sugary fix. The Health Island machine doesn’t mean that we have to resort to dreary birdseed-type snacks, we get to indulge in awesome, delicious snacks without the usual snack crash – and we stay lean too! '

Health Island at Schools


Health Island is committed to increasing nutrition awareness in schools while also encouraging students to make healthy choices. Healthy snacking is vital to children and adolescents' energy and nutritional needs in order to meet daily demands in school and at home.

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Health and Nutritional updates


How to take your Fruit

Did you know that fruit should be eaten BEFORE a meal, not after?

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