About us

We help offices, shared work-spaces, virtual meeting rooms, schools and universities elevate their wellness by delivering a wide range of healthy, delicious, on-the-go snacks. #corporategifts


How we can help:

1) Send a healthy, nutritious snackbox hamper to your remote-workers - to their door, anywhere in SA (email us for a template for names and addresses, and you will also email us a personal note to go in each box). 

2) Order some healthy snackboxes to be waiting on the desk of staff when they return to office - saves delivery fees because all hampers to office address.

3) Order a large bulk box of snacks for the office every month or two - distribute to staff as you see fit - honesty bar, hand it out free, or appoint office-admin to sell the snacks. Great for boardroom meetings!

4) Arrange a healthy snack vending machine for the office - email us for details.

5) Send friends, family, colleagues, your boss a healthy snack hamper to wish them well.

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Health Island team


Our healthy snack product range addresses WELLNESS and NUTRITION - and is growing all the time. We just love sourcing and sampling new products (who wouldn’t!), and we spend considerable time doing the health checks on our products’ ingredients.


We are working hard for you continuously, scouring the country for new and better products, checking their sources, checking their contents and ensuring that they ARE actually good for you. With Health Island you don’t need to check what you are putting into your body – we have already done the hard work for you. Good nutrition need not mean boring! We also look for great taste.





Health Island snack box