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SEND SNACK BOXES TO STAFF AT HOME: The unfortunate advent of COVID has changed the world and hopefully it will be the positive changes which stick.

Since March 2020 we have been commissioned by various companies to send over 2000 healthy snack boxes as a way of showing acknowledgement and appreciation to staff working at home. Clients have generally chosen the standard snack boxes as shown on our Home Page, but we have been flexible in changing products, tailoring some boxes for vegans, diabetics and food allergies. We have added personal "Thank You" notes in all boxes. At times we have also included face masks, hand sanitizer, vitamin packs, non-alcoholic drinks, and even a pair of warm winter socks for one client. 

We make it easy for corporate clients by sending an MS Excel template for names and addresses of recipients.


CONFERENCES & VIRTUAL MEETINGS: We are able provide our health snacks packaged especially in sealed min-packs for each day of a multi-day conference - something different for every day. Each pack will be numbered for the corresponding conference day.


ORDER FOR THE OFFICE OR HOME: Alternatively you may simply want a large box of snacks sent to the office to distribute to staff, or to keep at home for the family for chill-time snacks, for school lunches etc. Click here to download our custom order sheet: Download Order Sheet


BUY WHOLESALE: Looking to re-sell our products in your deli, tuck shop, community? Drop us an email and ask for a Wholesale Price List at  info@healthisland.co.za




Health Island Bulk Order