We operate OUR VENDING under a FRANCHISE business model. If you are looking to start your own business, you want to have free time to do other work or activities, are keen to make some extra money on the side or maybe grow it into a full-time business, want something fun and exciting to do, and you enjoy promoting health, sharing this passion with others and offering excellent service - then this is for you!


Vending machines all over the world have lagged far behind when it comes to providing nutrition. In the long term we will pay for these food choices in medical bills!


The rawer the food, the healthier it is. Once food is heated over 47 deg Celcius, then 80% of the nutrition is immediately lost. You get hungry because your body is seeking nutrition. When you eat fast food, highly processed or cooked food, you are not getting the nutrition you need, so you continue eating, and so the cycle continues.


A good selection of the food in our islands of health… is RAW! It is widely believed that a person can prevent disease through maintaining an alkaline state in the body. Alkaline foods are all raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts and some seeds and nuts.


Health Island Vending Machines


This is an amazing opportunity because it's:

- leading a global trend towards health and nutrition and we are the only company in South Africa doing this.

- It's highly scalable. You can start with one or two sites and grow as your needs do, or as profits permit.

- It's fun and it's highly measurable.

- You will have our full training and support as well as one-stop access to an incredible product range that has been researched and developed over years. 


 You will need about R80 000 TO INVEST in your site. Return on investment should range from 25% to 75%.


For this you get: One vending machine with our eye-catching branding, first stock FREE, assistance finding a great site, our hands-on help setting up the site on launch day, on-site training and support and continuous access to our amazing products.



Finding a site:


Any place NEAR YOU (not more than 20 minutes drive) with at least 250 people passing by each day. Consider: a) what other food is on offer nearby b) Is the market likely to be interested in healthier choices, c) the site should be under cover, preferably indoors, d) accessibility for delivery of the vending machine (a lift is fine, so are one or two stairs, but no long flights of stairs, these machines weigh in at 260kg).


Franchisee Requirements:


- Having a passion for nutrition / health (not difficult once you sample our products!)
- A willingness to offer good service
- Basic computer skills, eg MS Excel, or willingness to learn
- Organizational and some admin skills
- Good health
- Enough finances to invest in the Franchise (currently R80 000 per franchised machine, but subject to change)


Our vending machines take 30 to 40 unique products and all machines are refrigerated with 6 to 8 different drinks. We actually have a range of about 50 products and you can choose which 30 or 40 you would like at your franchised site. It's fun to work WITH your site on this.


Some sites, especially smaller ones. will PAY YOU A RENTAL to manage their site and ensure their staff have healthy snacks available.



FIND OUT MORE: Ask for a Franchise Application Form and Franchise Disclosure Document.