COVID Care Pack

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Fresh Healthy Snacks
Ideal as a Gift or as a Covid Care Pack
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The perfect flavourful nutrition-pack for your loved ones / colleagues stuck in isolation. 

Guaranteed to smash their way through the the most frail taste buds!

In this hamper of health are:

- Barrys Peanut Butter protein / Nut Nougat Bar

- 1 X Beef Dry Wors (Halaal)

- Cashew Berry mix (raw nut and berry)

- Dates and Almonds (raw)

- Exotic Mixed Nuts, roasted and salted

- Tree of Life vegan friendly oat/nut crunchie

- Nachos: BBQ / Salsa

- On the Go Cranberry Burst - Trail mix with yoghurt drops

- Turkish Apricots

- Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Zinc (30 tablets each)