Mega Snackbox

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This healthy snack hamper as a mix of 26 delicious healthy snacks including: snack bars, biltong, dry wors, nut mixes, dried fruit, nachos.

Box includes: Beef Dry Wors, Barrys Bar - peanut butter nougat, Biltong Snapstix, Cashew Berry, Cashews and almonds (Raw), Corn Nibbles, Cranberry mac X 2, Date and Almond , Eat Real, Fresh & Krispy Crisps X 2 flavours, Heavenly Bar Cashew Dark/Yoghurt, Honey roasted almonds, Mixed Nuts Exotic Roasted & Salted , Mixed raw nuts, Nachos X 2 flavours, On The Go Edamame/Almond, Pretzel Choc Stix, Roasted and salted, Tree of Life Wheat free Oat Crunchy, Turkish Apricots X 2,  Wasabi Peanuts X 2, Grumpy Roast Chickpeas.


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