Large Snackbox

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Fresh Healthy Snacks
Ideal as a Gift or as a Covid Care Pack
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 This healthy snack hamper as a mix of 18 scrumptious products:

  1. Peanut Butter Protein / Nougat Bar,
  2. Biltong Snapstix (halaal),
  3. Beef Dry Wors (halaal(,
  4. Cashew and Almond (raw),
  5. Cranberry mac (raw),
  6. Honey Roasted Almonds,
  7. Mexicorn Nachos BBQ/Salsa,
  8. Dried Mango strips,
  9. Chevra snaxels,
  10. Roasted and Salted (nuts, seeds, raisins), 
  11. Grumpy Roast Chickpeas,
  12. Cashew Berry (raw cashews with mixed berries),
  13. Date and Almond (raw),
  14. Corn Nibbles (salted),
  15. Tree of Life Wheat-free Pecan Oat Crunchy,
  16. Heavenly Bar Cashew Yoghurt/Dark Bar,
  17. Mixed Nuts Exotic (roasted & salted),
  18. Eat Real Hummus/Lentil/Quinoa Crisps.


We may substitute products depending on stock availability.

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