Medium Subscription Box

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Fresh Healthy Snacks
Ideal as a Gift or as a Covid Care Pack
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12 Amazing snackable products (switch products from month to month), with automatic reorder every month for 12 months.:

A mix of 12 scrumptious products : 

  1. Peanut Butter Protein Nougat Bar,
  2. Beef Dry Wors,
  3. Cashew Berry (raw),
  4. Date and Almond (raw) ,
  5. Corn Nibbles (salted),
  6. Tree of Life Pecan wheat-free oat crunchy,
  7. Nachos (BBQ/Salsa),
  8. On The Go Trail Mix (with yoghurt drops),
  9. Heavenly Bar Cashew Yoghurt/Dark Bar,
  10. Mixed Nuts Exotic (roasted & salted),
  11. Eat Real Hummus/Lentil/Quinoa Crisps,
  12. Turkish Apricots.