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Fresh Healthy Snacks
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Moms and Dads - we all know the hassles and running around you experience trying to source healthier school lunch snacks for the kids!

We have your back!

50 amazing products in this pack...


CAUTION: you may want to steal a couple snacks to take to work...



Barrys Bars - Peanut Butter Protein 5
Barrys Bar- Raw Energy (Dates, sunflower seeds, desicated coconut) 3
Beef Dry Wors (Halaal) 3
Biltong snap sticks (Halaal) 3
Corn Nibbles 3
Dried Mango 3
Heavenly Bars - Cashew Dark 3
Mixed Nuts - exotic, roasted 3
On The Go Cranberry Burst 3
Popcorn - Low GI, light salt 3
Pretzel sticks: Choc 5
Tree of Life Bakery - Pecan Nut and Date Crunchie (wheat free) 3
Earth & Co Dried Fruit Mango / Black Currant 3
Trigz - Crunchy Popped Corn Chips 4
Cecilias Farm Guava Pear Roll 3