Winter Snack Pack

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Fresh Healthy Snacks
Ideal as a Gift or as a Covid Care Pack
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This amaaaazing pack of winter comfort speaks for itself....

Some incredible high-nutrition and heart-warming snacks

1 Dried Mango
2 Trigz - Crunchy Popped Corn Chips - Jalepeno
3 MIAM choc coated whey protein nougat - sugar free
4 Boom Bar, Metamorphic Brownie / Seismic Crunch
5 Bos Iced (Rooibos) Teas: peach
6 House of Aloes Lip Balm 4g (not in pic)
7 Stress Ball (option for branding)
8  Vitamin C
9 Nomu Hot Chocolate (10 sachets in a box)