Looking after staff well-being

Investing in the health of your employees will deliver tangible benefits to your company.

Corporate health and wellness programs are designed to support and improve the holistic wellbeing of employees through a healthy work culture.

Research has clearly shown that when employees feel valued and appreciated by their supervisor and colleagues, good things happen. Individual team members experience positive outcomes. The workplace community and the organization become healthier, being better able to achieve their mission and goals.

Wellness programs should be implemented carefully, with leadership buy-in, with a proper strategy, consistently, and measured for success.

Our hand-picked, carefully curated hampers with HEALTHY snacks and pamper products have provided an INSTANT feel-good effect amongst over 13 000 staff nationally in the last two years alone.

Excerpts from some recent references:

  • “Our staff were all over the moon with our personalized hampers”
  • “The team started their Wednesday on a very exciting note today”
  • “I have had so many happy messages from people after they have received them. They are amazing”
  • “The packs were SO well received. Thank you for being so efficient and speedy”
  • “Thanks for the great boxes, my team are raving about them”


For as little as R150 per team member, we can craft a feel-good hamper of appreciation, reward, work-anniversary, well-wishes for your valued staff.  

Ask us for some corporate gift ideas and suggestions.

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