FRUIT - demon or friend?

Concerned about the natural sugar in fruit? The fructose found naturally in fruits is packaged with fibre and antioxidants, which may help to explain why people experience positive health benefits when they eat fruits. Adding berries to a meal can help blunt an insulin spike from high glycemic...

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We are hiring!!

2020 was a pivotal year for Health Island. We want to continue our success and hit 2021 at a flying speed - and we need your help! We need a terrier, bloodhound Marketing Exec who shares our passion for health, has excellent research skills as well as tele marketing skills.This could be a...

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How Health Island pivoted in the face of COVID

Health Island was placed 3rd in the ORT Shining Light awards - highlighting businesses that rose through the extreme challenges of Covid. What an amazing opportunity to up our game in this competition, to share the room with 9 other inspirational finalists, and to be reviewed by exceptional judges, all highly...

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