A recent survey by tech giant CISCO in the first quarter of 2022, sampling countries from every continent except Antarctica, reports that hybrid work models result in staff that are happier, healthier, have improved work-performance, better work-life balance and corporate culture.
While around 80% of respondents saw an overall improvement in well-being, the majority of this was emotional, physical and mental being the greatest but for social well-being, only around 42% saw an improvement.

76% of respondents saw an improvement in their finances, mostly from fuel savings. 

“While initially, many employees were challenged by the sudden shift to hybrid and remote working arrangements, our study shows that two years on, as businesses have pivoted to survive, hybrid work has yielded many positive and lasting benefits for both employers and employees. In fact, this mode of working has become the norm and is set to stay”, the report reads.
Survey respondents worked across a wide range of industries, including agriculture; consumer goods; construction and engineering; education; financial services; government and public service; healthcare; IT; technology & telecommunications; media and communications; NGOs, and tourism and hospitality.

More than 90% of South Africans said hybrid work had made them happier, while 67% said it helped reduce stress levels. Hybrid working was more relaxing and resulted in a less pressurised environment, said 34% of respondents.
Around 70% of surveyed South Africans said they exercise more when working remotely, while 67% said their physical fitness had improved. The eating habits of the majority of surveyed respondents had also improved.

Naturally the remote-work model won't work in all industries and for all types of work, but it's clear that it is a precedent that is here to stay, and in all likelihood grow.

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Wishing all our clients and readers a healthy, happy and restful year end!

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