The insane benefits of water-only fasting...

What we ultimately want is a good life and a good death – quality of a fully functional life, independent of medication!

It can get confusing with the many diets and eating protocols out there, but intermittent fasting has been proven to counteract chronic ailments such as diabetes, cancer, weight-loss, addictions, allergies and many other dietary, autoimmune and toxicity issues.

This video could change your life:

Dr Goldhamer with 36 years of clinical experience and his TrueNorth Health Foundation has pioneered the water-fast protocol and had phenomenal life-saving results!

His program involves initially going on a plant-based diet for a few days to initiate the reset, and then doing a 20 day water fast where you fast for 16 hours and then eat only for an 8 hours window period.

Toxicity in the body cannot survive in such an environment. After 4 days your hunger just dissolves and the new norm begins.

Watch his space for this continually evolving science.

(This is not medical advice – consult a professional before embarking on radical interventions)

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