We all know that post-lunch slump, or the more technical term: “postprandial somnolence”. What causes it and how to manage it?  Much of the problem is due to basic human physiology – after we eat, the blood goes to the digestive organs to process the food we have...

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 Up to FIVE free snacks with every online order   Health Island now has a LOYALTY PROGRAM, with increasing extra freebees for every order you place online (see terms below). HOW IT WORKS1.       Every time you order online exceeding a total value of R350, we allocate ONE extra yummy...

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The Dorito effect – the link between flavour and nutrition

Mark Schatzker in his book, The Dorito Effect, claims we have killed the nutrition in food by trying to flavour all our food synthetically, as a trade-off for real nutrition. Over the last 70 years, American animal and plant breeding has focused on yield, pest resistance and appearance —...

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It's what's inside that counts!

I saw a post recently about a guy in his 50s that worked out regularly and played tennis 3 times a week, yet he suddenly dropped dead in his mid 50's.Upon autopsy they discovered that his arteries were seriously clogged, and he had died from a heart attack....

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