Mild Obesity Can Double Your Risk for COVID Complications

I came across two articles in just one day which motivate strongly to manage your excess body weight. One reason is because even mild obesity raises the risk of COVID-19 severity, the other reason is with regards to excess wight and its relation to Alzheimers.   Patients with mild obesity had...

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Why you need our Healthy Snacks

Our products are carefully selected to have:   No artificial flavour No artificial colouring No preservatives No hydrogenated Oils No trans fats No high fructose corn syrup   So some of our food may not have the brightest colours, and the most delicate, satin texture, but that was...

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Health Island at Schools

Health Island is committed to increasing nutrition awareness in schools while also encouraging students to make healthy choices. Healthy snacking is vital to children and adolescents’ energy and nutritional needs in order to meet daily demands in school and at home.   Studies indicate that snacks contribute over...

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Top 10 tips for eating healthy at work

1) Pack a lunch - bring leftovers from dinner? 2) Keep a bottle of water on hand. 3) Keep smart snacks on hand (refer to Health Island). 4) Avoid the fancy coffee with all the extras. 5) Go easy at the catered meetings. 6) Feeling sleepy? Go for...

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